The disputes between the landlord and the tenant usually occur because one of the parties involved has infringed the contract's terms and conditions.

For instance, the tenant's failure to pay the rent may result in a dispute. Perhaps, the tenant does not agree with the terms and conditions of the lease renewal and now, wants to file a claim against the landlord.

The landlord and tenant law in the United Kingdom is extremely complex in nature, and at times, understanding what one can and cannot do to challenge the opposite party can be complicated. It is the landlord's responsibility to understand the laws and regulations, enforced by the government and other governing bodies.

Since the laws and regulations keep changing each year, they need to stay up to date on them, as a failure to do so can result in a dispute.

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Issues tenants may face with their landlords

At Western Solicitors, we can help tenants who are facing the following difficulties:

  • illegal eviction by a landlord;
  • unfair rent increase;
  • the landlord refuses to do repairs;
  • landlord entering the property without permission/notice;
  • other matters which may cause health or safety problems.

Issues landlords may face with their tenants

At Western Solicitors, we can help landlords who are facing the following difficulties:

  • tenant wants to terminate the contract before the end of the term;
  • tenant not paying rent on time or tenant refusing to pay rent;
  • carrying out alterations to the property without permission;
  • tenant not taking responsibility for the damage they caused to the property.

Services for Landlord

We can help landlords with challenging tasks such as:

  • Drafting a tenancy agreement and guarantees
  • Setting up a correct and enforceable assured shorthold tenancy (AST)
  • Evicting tenants and recovering your premises
  • Claiming rent arrears and damages from former tenants, e.g. debt recovery

Services for Tenant

We can help tenants who face the following problems: 

  • The landlord is wishing to evict you from the property and has given you notice to vacate.
  • The tenant no longer wishes or is able to remain in the property and is seeking to terminate the tenancy
  • Unlawful evictions or obstruction to use of the property
  • The disrepair of the property – compensation for disrepair and applying for the works to be carried out
  • Disputes over the return of the deposit