Insolvency is the condition that an enterprise or individual enters when they are not capable to pay their debts. When a business becomes insolvent, this means that its debts are greater than the value of its assets and income.

Bankruptcy is usually a last resort, and it can be preferable to enter into a voluntary arrangement with your creditors, in which you agree to make more affordable repayments.

If you are contemplating bankruptcy or a voluntary arrangement, our London-based expert insolvency solicitors can prompt and efficient legal advice on all the options open to you, so you can decide on the best way forward. We can deal with the whole range of issues that may arise consequent upon the onset of insolvency.

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Where do I stand?

Whether you are a creditor or facing insolvency, when you consult Western Solicitors for advice, we will consider your case in great detail and provide clear guidance.

How much will it cost?

From day one, we will seek to give you outstanding value and keep costs to a minimum. We can discuss with you and offer a range of funding options that may be appropriate to your particular case.  Our aim is to ease as much stress and anguish as possible, our team will be on hand to provide support throughout the process.