A confiscation order can be made in the Crown Court after a defendant has been convicted of an offence which has resulted in financial gain.

The aim is to recover the value of the defendant's unlawful benefit from criminal conduct. Confiscation proceedings are now very commonplace following a conviction for certain criminal offences. The proceedings are known to be draconian and can be more lengthy or complex than the proceedings or trial for the original criminal offences.

If you are affected by confiscation proceedings it is necessary to seek immediate specialist legal advice. We will guide you through the confiscation process providing expert representation and advice throughout. Where necessary we work with forensic technology specialists and forensic accountants to prepare for, analyse and present complex financial evidence.

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What is a confiscation order?

A Confiscation Order is a court order that requires a person who has been convicted of a crime to surrender certain assets or pay a sum of money to the government. The purpose of the order is to seize assets that have been obtained through criminal activities and to ensure that criminals do not profit from their illegal activities. Confiscation orders can be made against property, money, or other assets, and can be issued for both criminal and civil cases. Failure to comply with a Confiscation Order can result in additional penalties, such as imprisonment or fines.

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