A deed of variation of a lease is a formal legal agreement that records all the agreed changes to the terms of a Commercial Lease. In simple words, a deed of variation of a commercial lease allows a landlord and tenant to make changes to the terms of a business lease.

The deed of variation of a lease usually requires both the freeholder & leaseholder to be in agreement of the changes, but can sometimes require the approval of a third party such as a lender depending on the circumstance.

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How long does a deed of variation on a lease take?

Usually, the deed of variation lease process takes 2-3 months as there are several parties and lawyers involved.

In straightforward cases, it takes a couple of weeks to prepare a deed of variation of a lease. However, it can take longer as all beneficiaries must agree to the changes.

Does a deed of variation of lease need to be registered?

Yes, you need to register a deed of variation of a commercial lease with the Land Registry as varying the terms of an individual lease is a legal matter which must be recorded officially.  The deed of variation takes effect in law only once registered.

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