Western Solicitors (UK Law Firm)

Western Solicitors is one of the best law firms in London, UK. Whilst we are based in London, you do not need to be based here to seek legal advice. No matter where you live, we can provide legal services remotely. Contact our solicitor to get reliable & confidential legal advice and legal assistance with your legal matters.

We are a well-established firm specialising in UK Immigration Law, Divorce & Family Law, Personal Injury, Commercial Leases, Criminal Law, Litigation & Disputes and much more.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced solicitors & lawyers in London have a wealth of legal knowledge and a good track record of successfully helping hundreds of clients with their legal matters.

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Areas of Practice

Visas & Immigration

Our highly experienced UK immigration solicitors at Western Solicitors help private and corporate clients with all types of UK visas and immigration matters.

Divorce & Family Law

Our divorce and family solicitors in East London are experts in all types of family matters such as Divorce, Financial Settlement, Child Arrangement Orders etc.

Personal Injury Claims

If you were injured and someone else was responsible then contact our No Win No Fee injury claim solicitors in London. You may be able to get compensation.

Litigations & Disputes

With a top-class reputation, Western Solicitors will fight tirelessly on your behalf to resolve any disagreements and conflicts you may be experiencing.

Commercial Leases

Our expert fixed-fee commercial lease solicitors offer commercial lease legal advice and assistance with all aspects of Commercial Leases on a fixed-fee basis.

Criminal Law

We at Western Solicitors deal with a wide range of criminal matters. Our criminal defence solicitors are experienced in dealing with police & court proceedings.

Visa Application Checking Service

UK immigration & visa application checking service is for those who are completing their visa application but need legal advice about application & documents. Get your UK immigration application checked by an Immigration solicitor before submitting to the Home Office.

If you have completed your application form successfully but would like a second set of eyes to check the application, this will give you that extra assurance. This service is targeted to those clients, who have a basic understanding of the Immigration law and the application process but require assistance with some aspects of the application, or assurance that the relevant information has been included.

Our service covers a range of applications for entry clearance, extending your stay, permanent residence or naturalisation as a British Citizen. Our solicitors can provide you with an expert opinion on your application before submitting to the Home Office.

Team & Experience

Name Position Qualifications Experience Hourly Rate
Ameer Nasir Solicitor/Director Solicitor of the Senior Courts 12+ PQE £282.00 plus £56.40 VAT = £338.40
Sreya Rashid Trainee Solicitor LLM 1+ PQE £121.00 plus £24.20 VAT = £145.20
Khola Nasir Paralegal   6+ years of experience £121.00 plus £24.20 VAT = £145.20
Muqaddas Shahzadi Paralegal   1+ years of experience £121.00 plus £24.20 VAT = £145.20
Ana Patricia Da Silva Paralegal   5+ years of experience £121.00 plus £24.20 VAT = £145.20